Private Yoga Class

A private, one-on-one class is ideal for beginners. This personalised Yoga experience lays the foundations for safe long-term practices.

For the advanced Yoga practitioner private classes are a great way to develop your technique and deepen your practice through individualised attention and adjustments.

Private classes are conducted in the comfort of your own home.

From Llandudno  to the southern Suburbs of Cape Town, these sixty minute classes are available Monday to Sunday 6am-7pm.

Private classes can be tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Group Yoga Class

If you prefer to practice in a group, but not skimping on the attention, why not gather your friends and book a small group class.

Small group classes are offered for groups up to four people.
Larger group classes can be booked for special occasions such as bachelorette parties, kitchen tea’s and birthdays. Classes are created with your specific group needs in mind.

Corporate Class

With an increasing awareness on work-life balance and employee wellness programs, corporate classes are a must for 21st century organizations.
These classes benefit both the employee and the organization by reducing stress of the employee further increasing energy for improved focus and concentration.

Corporate classes can be booked by small to large corporations.

Children’s Class

From toddlers to tweens, Yoga classes are fun and playful.
Children will learn the fundamentals of Yoga in a safe and fun environment, with a focus on breathing, calming the mind and creating fun shapes!

Prenatal and Antenatal Class

Pre and post pregnancy Yoga offers many benefits for both Mom and baby throughout pregnancy, during birth and post-delivery.
Special attention is given to the mother’s specific needs and all Asana’s are practiced with the utmost safety in a controlled environment.


Prana is our breath and the vital life force in our bodies. Pranayama is the relationship to our breath and teaches us to control the movement of our minds.This class will teach us about our breath and various simple techniques to access and control the breath in everyday life.


You will be led through how to calm the breath, still the mind, release stress and experience a deep inner peace.

Simple techniques will be taught to build a daily meditation practice.